Troop 175 serves youth in our community by helping to instill values, to prepare them to make ethical choices and to achieve their full potential.

Our specific objectives:

  1. Develop each Scout’s moral strength and character through encouraging him to live the Scout Oath and Law.
  2. Provide opportunities for the Scout to learn participating citizenship through the patrol and troop structure and through community service.
  3. Provide a program encompassing a wide range of outdoor activities of varying difficulties with the purpose of allowing the Scout to develop self confidence and physical skills through participation and rank advancement.


Plans to meet these objectives:

  1. Reaffirm scouting ideals, the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Motto, Slogan at each Troop meeting and ceremony.
  2. Actively recruit the equivalent of at least one new 8 person patrol each year and 2-3 adults to serve as committee members or assistant Scoutmasters, and encourage all other parents to actively participate in Troop activities.
  3. Encourage all boys and adult leaders to participate in basic and advanced training programs. Include training expense in the Troop budget and formally recognize the training accomplished.
  4. Maintain attendance and participation records and formally reward and recognize superior effort.
  5. Develop an annual outdoor program which uses available Troop resources, build upon popular and successful experiences that allow Scouts to achieve skills in leading and learning.
  6. Set up an advancement program integrated into the outdoor program that will allow 1st year Scouts to achieve at least 2nd Class rank in their initial year and will allow all other Scouts to achieve at least 1 rank advancement per year thereafter through their participation.
  7. Encourage adult leader participation in district and council sponsored activities such as Roundtables and Recognition Dinners.
  8. Establish and maintain an annual Troop operating program budget supported by Scout dues that will provide adequate funding to carry out Troop goals and objectives.
  9. Develop and maintain a supplemental fundraising program that will support the acquisition and periodic replacement of Troop capital equipment needs.