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Sep 4-7, 2015: Ohlone Wilderness Trail Backpacking Trip — 1 Comment

  1. This was a fairly strenuous hike, with over 8,000′ of total climbing over the 28-ish miles hiked. That amounted to about 2,000′ of climb on Friday and Saturday (each), plus almost 4,300 feet in climb on Sunday! Monday’s hike was still strenuous, as our steep downhill hike was nearly 2,000 feet down in just over 2 miles of hiking.

    The weather was very warm (over 80°F during the days), and water was scarce in a few places along the trail. We were not able to refill our water bottles on Sunday morning, which was a cause for concern. We had nearly 14 miles to hike that day, and word was that water availability was “intermittent” or dry. We even filtered water from a very… questionable… cow pond, just in case. Fortunately, one of the locations along the way had not yet gone dry and we were able to filter much cleaner water there.

    We bypassed Mission Peak (2516′) itself (by about 80′), but did crest the much higher Rose Peak (3817′) during our mega-hike on Sunday. Check the FaceBook group for pictures.

    — Mr. Breen

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