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Trail to 1st Class

When:  Halloween night through Sunday 02 November 2014 (you can come Saturday Morning)   FirstClass

What: 2+ Day event with oportunities to earn all the requirements from Scout to First Class, plus teaching opportunities for older Scouts.

Where: Cutter Scout Reservation

Adult Event Coordinator: Ms. Bonneville

This is a Pacsky event.   Please sign up both on Team Snap and Register at PacSky.org.

Link: http://www.pacsky.org/Event.aspx?id=952

Please Sign up or email me by 15 October 2014.

Here is the announcment from the Council:

 Redwood District Activities committee is hosting the Trail to First Class event at Camp Cutter,  Oct. 31 to Nov. 3, 2014.  I know, I know that Halloween is Oct. 31. There were no other weekends free at Cutter.  So I do not expect very many Troops or Scouts will be there on Friday night.  All of the events, except one happen on Saturday, Nov. 1.  The one event that does not happen on Saturday, is the 5 mile hike with a map and compass.  It occurs on Sunday morning for those, who need and want that requirements.  We will have signups on the Pacsky website soon.
                I am including the schedule of stations.  It includes the times that the station occur.  Most of them are 1 hour long.  There are a few exceptions. They also describe the activities and the requirements covered.  
This is a cooperative effort for all troops that come.  If a group of Scouts is coming from one troop, we expect that troop to run at least one station. (Some are in the morning and some are only in the afternoon.)  So a troop could run one Station in the morning and another station in the afternoon. Some stations can be handled by one instructor, some may be better with more helpers.  Older Scouts can help at a station.  If a troop is the first one to volunteer for a station, that troop gets the station.  I have equipment that you can use at the stations: ropes and poles for lashings and knots, compasses and maps, books on native plants, native wild animals, splints, large neckerchiefs, and first aid equipment.  You can certainly bring your own or your troops gear for your stations.
                The troops cook in their campsites.  If you come on Saturday morning, my suggestion is that the Scouts eat before they get to cutter (at home), and then they can cook lunch, dinner, and breakfast. If they need the First Class cooking requirement, they have enough meals.  We have sheets that the instructors sign for each Scout.  You can spend some time in the evening having a campfire program and going through the requirements that the Scouts have met.

Additional information in the attached .pdf file>TRAIL TO FIRST CLASS STATIONS (1)

Coming Soon Scouting for Food!

This is a council event.

scouting for food

Dates:  Nov 8, 2014 – Door Hangers

Nov 15, 2014 – Food Pick Up

Times:  9AM to 12 Noon

Summary:  This mandatory service event is a Troop 175 tradition.  Specific meeting times and locations will come from the Patrol Leaders.   On food pick up day, all food must be dropped off at the Foster City Recreation Center by noon for delivery to the food bank.